To change files name recursively you can combine the commands find and rename, as in these ways: To add suffix (e.g. ‘_mysuffix’) find . -name “*.jpg” -exec rename -v ‘s/\.jpg$/\_mysuffix.jpg/i’ {} \; To remove suffix find . -name “*.jpg” -exec rename -v ‘s/\_mysuffix.jpg$/\.jpg/i’ {} \; To add prefix (e.g. ‘myprefix_’) find […]

Recursively files renaming on Linux cli

To set Git global username and password on your system do the following: Set username (e.g. Abby Normal) git config –global “ABBY NORMAL” Set email (e.g. git config –global “”   To configure repository specific values, change directory to the root of the repository and do the following: […]

Set username/email on Git

Open a terminal and, under your git directory, create a new temporary branch (e.g. temp): git branch temp Switch on the new branch typing: git checkout temp Point the master to the new branch (force it with option -f): git branch -f master temp Switch back on the master and […]

Fix a detached head on Git

Sometimes we aren’t able to access to our Magento admin panel. No fear! You can create a new admin user directly via DB. Let’s suppose to create a user with name ‘AdminUser’, surname ‘Foobar’, email ‘’, username ‘myname’ and password ‘mypassword’. Open a command line shell, connect to your MySQL DBMS and […]

Add a Magento Admin User using SQL